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Purple Pants Media - "Ha ha, you purple!"

Who are we? What do we do? Why should you care? Well, gosh, we're so flattered you asked! We are a film and new media production company. We have two completed comedy horror films (Get Dead and Dead Man's Party) and are editing an indie dramedy (Ophelia Falls). We produce kid friendly content through our Pipsqueak TV department. We also produce the web series, Betty and DD (about two misguided acting teachers in a small town) and Don't Bring Your Home to Work (which explores what happens when you bring your home life to your work life). And we produce almost weekly comedic short films.

A Very Special Walking Dead Christmas

A Very Special Walking Dead Christmas

After the mid-season finale of season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead, you may be wondering how Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne, Carl, Judith, Eugene, Morgan and Carol will be doing during the holiday season. When Santa Clause shows up you won't believe what happens next.



The Thanksgiving where you have to face all the friends and family you unfriended after the election.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone

Happy Halloween! Don't call us, we'll call you!

DIwhy Guy (Getting out of a tight spot)

DIwhY Guy (Getting out of a tight spot)

DIwhY Guy is at it again. This time his tutorial is a little more complicated. It involes a roof.

DIwhy Guy (How To Use A Saw)

DIwhY Guy (How to use a saw)

This idiot is at it yet again. The basics on how to use a saw is covered in this tutorial...kind of. Well, actually just don't do what he does...EVER.

DIwhy Guy (How To Swing Set)

(DIwhY Guy) How to swing on a child's swing set

Want to know how to properly swing on a child's swing set? Yeah, so does this idiot. I'm not sure how to tally this one up. Huge fail or utter stupidity.

DIwhy Guy (How To Use A Shovel)

DI-Why Guy (how to use a shovel)

Terrible DIY'er shows you how to shovel an enormous pile of wood chips.

DIwhy Guy (Kid's Slide)


This Do It Yourselfer teaches how to slide down a kid's slide. Never forget your goggles.

DIwhy Guy (Palm Fronds)

Palm Fronds Gone Wrong

This guy tries to make a How To video on removing palm fronds. 30 seconds.