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Benedict Cumberbatch #BadRedCarpetQuestions

Benedict Cumberbatch Oscars Red Carpet Bad Question

Benedict Cumberbatch answers a stupid question on the red carpet at the Oscars. Part of #BadRedCarpetQuestions.

#BadRedCarpetQuestions Live Feed

Folow this link for a complete list of #BadRedCarpetQuestions from our live Tweeting the Oscars red carpet.



Oscars Red Carpet Bad Questions

A group of terrible writers come up with questions to ask on the red carpet for the Oscars.

We made the Corsicana news!

Producer and star of our Fifty Shades Of Grey parody was interviewed by the Corsicana Daily Sun. Follow the link to read the article.


Fifty Shades Of Grey Cheating Parody

Cheating With Fifty Shades Of Grey

How to tell if your wife is cheating on you with Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Episode 2: When You're A PowerPoint Fan

Don't Bring Your Home To Work - Episode 2: When You're a Super Bowl Fan

For Super Bowl XLIX, don't treat your work like an NFL football game.

Episode 1: When Your Co-worker Cries

Don't Bring Your Home To Work - Episode 1: When Your Co-worker Cries

What happens when you try to pull the crap at work that you pull at home?

Don't Bring Your Home To Work

Don't Bring Your Home To Work

We have a new web series about what happens when you pull the same crap at work that you pull at home.

Get Dead wins Best Director at Twisted Tails Film Festival

Get Dead won the Best Director award in Dallas at the 4th Annual Twisted Tails Film Festival. We are going to have to saw the award in half since Get Dead was directed by both Markus Baldwin and Julie Mitchell. Congratulations you crazy kids!


Watch Dead Man's Party

Now you can have a Dead Man's Party party. This is our first movie available for all to view by renting or downloading. DVD are so yesterday. There is strong adult language so no children viewing, mother #@%$ers!. Just click the link below. Enjoy!